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Colon Cancer Stages

Detailed Explanation about Colon Cancer Stages

Colon Cancer StagesColon cancer is a very painful condition that affects a greater part of the large intestine. It usually affects men and more especially women in diverse ways.  Normally, the cells in every part of the human body follow a unique life cycle of growing, dividing, dying and then replenishing. But cancer cells only grow and multiply. They don’t die in any way. They form tumors in the areas affected.  When such condition occurs in the colon, you may be said to be suffering from colon cancer.

Actually, colon cancer stages usually occur when you have the ailment. Normally, there are five stages involved. Let’s examine them.

  • Stage 0

This is the very first of the colon cancer stages. At this stage, the cancer is just beginning to form especially at the lining part of the colon organ. By this time, the cancer has not moved to other parts of the colon. In most cases, it’s very difficult to notice signs of colon cancer at this stage in the lives of those suffering from the disease. However, if at this stage the cancer is discovered, it can be successfully treated easily and prevented from spreading to other parts of the colon organ.

  • Stage 1

At this stage, the cancer begins to spread to other parts of the colon or the rectum.  This stage can mark the beginning of the sign of the colon cancer in the body of the victim. In most cases, the signs will just be very minimal. You may have minor changes in bowel movement which may stop and then reoccur. Every other sign will just be coming and going as you keep taking some medications. You may not even know the cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing.  At this stage 1, the cancer usually turns into a mini size tumor.  By this time, it’s no longer limited to the colon lining.  It has started to spread to the walls of the colon. If the cancer is diagnosed at this stage, simple surgery can be performed to remove the cancer from the affected parts of the colon.

  • Stage 2

At this stage, the cancer spreads further to the exterior sections of the colon and even the rectum. It may even touch other nearby tissues around the colon. But it may not spread to the lymph nodes yet. At this stage, surgery can also be performed to remove the tumors on the colon and every other affected part.

  • Stage 3

At this stage, the cancer spreads to the nearby lymph nodes but not to other parts of body. It may also spread to other surrounding tissues near the colon and the rectum. Surgery is also the best treatment at this stage.  But, simple surgery cannot adequately take care this. Chemotherapy and other medical procedures must be engaged to arrest the situation.

  • Stage 4

At this final stage, the cancer spreads to other parts of the body such as the liver and the lungs. This stage is usually very deadly especially if nothing has been done previously to arrest the situation. This last stage demands lots of surgery and other medical approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation. The oncologist or doctor involved has to do everything within his or her power to help the victim. In most cases, the treatment will take months to go through. The patient has to be in pains for a long period.

Indeed, colon cancer stages can be easily arrested if the cancer is discovered on time. If you happen to spot the cancer at the stage 1 or 2, your case can be easily handled. However, the issue is that many people fail to recognize the symptoms on time.  Some do even think that the symptoms are just normal signs of ordinary illness.

It’s always very important to go for regular checkups whenever you begin to notice unusual signs or symptoms in your body. If by change colon cancer is detected very early, it can then be easily treated.

Well, there’s always the follow up period for colon cancer stages especially when surgeries are carried out.  Chemotherapy and radiation medical approaches are part of the follow up that may be carried out. Your doctor makes sure you’re given adequate medications which can alleviate the pains of the surgery already carried out.

During the follow up period, you need to be properly taken care of. There are certain food items you must not eat.  Your doctor will always guide you on what to take. All you need is to follow the direction he or she may give you.

In all, the colon cancer stages can be adequately monitored if you’re able to get the proper diagnosis as the cancer is coming up. It’s important to be in constant communication with your doctor in order to get rid of the cancer whenever it occurs.